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My Last Vice

By the time you get to my age, you've pretty much eliminated all your vices. Drinking is no longer worth the hangover, and doesn't do your liver any good at this point. Smoking already made your lungs crap out. Sex...well....let's say there are some fantastic memories. My only "vice" left is coffee.

Mug after mug of coffee. Can you chain coffee? That's what I do. Hot, cold, left over from last night - doesn't matter. I'll even drink it if it tastes awful.

Oddly, coffee doesn't keep me awake - it makes me sleepy. As I was growing up, the adults always had coffee after dinner. Part of a relaxing ritual. So, it's relaxing to me (and my adult daughter as well - might be a gene, right?). Either it's an emotional ritual response to my growing up, it's genetic, or I drink so much it doesn't affect me anymore.

By the time you get to my age, you've also seen health advice go one way, then the other, then back, and so on.... so what do you believe? Whatever you like.

I have Sjogren's, which dries me out - inside and outside. Some doctors think I should quit drinking coffe as it is dehydrating. Others say, no, it's a form of water, so counts as hydrating. Some doctors think it makes you hyper and tense, well...not in my case. Some doctors think it causes headaches. Others say, no, it cures headaches.

And, (whoopee), I read an article in AARP Magazine indicating that coffee/caffeine should be part of an anti-inflammatory diet. Having fibromyalgea and arthritis, I'm a walking inflammatory mess.

The article said that over-the-counter cold and headache medicines contain caffein. Studies show it enhances effects of common painkillers, such as aspirin. But recent data suggests that it has pain-lowering properties of its own. Two cups of coffee reduced postworkout pain by almost 50%! Caffeine seems to raise your pain threshold.

So, raspberries to you nay-sayers. I'm sticking with my buckets of Joe.

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